Stable, Reliable, Safe, iTEAM provide a variety of services for People and Businesses.

Network support services

Networks are the backbone of every business .iTEAM- systems  is committed to ensuring the best possible experience with our products. Technical assistance is available through our comprehensive customer support services. These services offer product documentation, knowledge base resources, information on the latest Software Updates and Support Case administration.

Server support services

Our goal is to provide superior client support while helping our partners maximize their IT investment. We  provide comprehensive, responsive technology assistance for your entire organization , including installation and stabilization, monitoring, security, user management, and integration with the campus infrastructure, for systems running modern Mac OS X Server and Windows Server operating systems.

Storage and Backup

Our storage solution reduces the amount of disk requirements for our large enterprise customers by more than 80%, making us much more competitive. ‘Data backup is so overlooked within many businesses, you MUST be certain that your data is safely backed up every day, monitored and tested & compliant.

Virtualization Services

iTEAM-systems Service Virtualization simulates constrained or unavailable systems across the software development lifecycle (SDLC), allowing developers, testers and performance teams to work in parallel for faster delivery and higher application quality and reliability.our service will drive your business to be more competitive and innovative by giving your work a flexible infrastructure .iTeam systems virtualization plan contains server virtualization,storage virtualization,network virtualization. iTEAM-systems Service Virtualization works with your existing development and testing frameworks and software integration tools of choice. With iTeam systems virtualization Accelerate overall software release cycle times amidst change and complexity

IT consultancy service

iTEAM-SYSTEMS Consulting department provides strategies  that includes the technology spectrum, from the strategic road map to technology implementation.
our engineers will design efficient and effective procedures that will help your organization record, monitor and control all of your business operations

Security Cameras

All of our cameras can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Allowing you to check in on your home or monitor staff at work wherever you are. Many of our security cameras can also be set to be motion activated, recording footage when motion triggers them. Our range of cameras also includes outdoor security cameras and wifi cameras.

  • Homes .
  • schools.
  • Banks.
  • warehouses.
  • Low firms.
  • Government offices.
  • Retail stores.


Smart, Scalable, Cost-effective, iTEAM is here to meet the growing of Your Business.


Our Products are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing business.


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00971 5555 14421


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